We encountered quite a number of similar questions from different buyers so we have setup a FAQs to help our potential buyers having more preparation before the purchase.


We would like to purchase a watch from you, but how can I sure you are a legitimate seller?

We have been in business for more than 15 years and simply google “Alex Pig Timepieces” in Google then you will be able to find a lot of my feedback in major Rolex forums. I also have a TESTIMONIALS page in my own web page as well.


I saw many of your watches doesn’t come with box and paper. How can you prove it is an authenticated Rolex?

In reality, box and paper only bring very little additional help to prove a watch is authenticated. A watch with box and paper can also be swapped and installed with aftermarket parts. So the most important is the reputation and the refund policy of the seller. We offer 100% money back guarantee if you found out any part of the watch is not authenticated (unless it is already stated in the description) by your local watchmaker or Rolex Service Center. Please check our ORDER CANCELLATION AND REFUND page as well.


Why so many of your watches don’t come with box and paper?

Many original owner in old days seldom aware the value of keeping the full set. They just want to put the watch on their wrist and wear it. As a result, many of the original owners will either throw the set away or lost it along the years. So when they sell their watches, many of the original box, papers or accessories are missing. Also this explain why the value of a vintage watch with box and paper need to pay a lot of premium when compare with one without.


Can I bring a watch to Rolex if your it does not come with original paper?

Except for brand new watches which come along with 5 years International warranty counting from the date stamped on the warranty card. Then you need to have the warranty card during the warranty period.

If the original warranty period is passed, you can still ask for a official overahaul by Rolex in their Service Center but the expense will be charged on actual.

Rolex will service their own watches as long as it is authenticated. They will not ask for the certificate or warranty card, in contrast, they will check the watch completely by themselves and will provide a quotation after they have inspected and authenticated the watch. So the most important is the watch itself is an authenticated watch.


How can I pay?

We prefer international bank transfer as payment. But if buyer want to use Paypal, we can also accept but will need to add 5% charge against the total value. Also we will only ship once after the Paypal payment is cleared in our account.


How can I sure you will ship after I pay?

Again, you are buying the seller, so please go to check my feedback.


Can you ship to my country? I worry about the VAT or Customs Tax when package arrive.

We can ship package worldwide by either EMS, Fedex or DHL on actual cost. Package will be full value insured by Parcel Pro. We will only declare as “Precision Instrument”  and will not declare the actual value on the package. For some countries, we will pack in a specific way in order to avoid any obstacles in the Customs. We do have some difficulty in shipping to few countries, so please ask us if you have problem.


I am interested in your vintage watches and would like to wear it every moment, including swim, dive or bath, is there any problem?

For vintage watches;

1) ) Please do not expect water resistance from a vintage watch. Therefore, please don't bring it for showering, bathing, swimming or diving etc. 

2) Some old vintage watch movement contain no shock protection like modern watches. Extreme shock and vibration should be avoided, don't wear your watch during golf, soccer etc.


Are all your used watches have been serviced and waterproof?

Not all watches will be serviced. We will check and inspect the whole watch to make sure it is running accurate and within +/- 10 seconds per day specification. Only watches cannot run within this specification will be serviced. We could provide a full overhaul before sending you on request and charge by actual cost. 

Nevertheless, please don't expect the precision could be same as a modern watch. Even our watches are maintained, checked and cleaned, but they cannot be compared with the accuracy of a quartz movement or modern mechanical movement.

 Also we NOT guarantee waterproof for ALL used watches.