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ATOM Milano

The very first ATOM Milano timepiece was born from a pure coincidence. The founder of ATOM Milano, who had been in watch business for a very long time. One day, his playful mind was wandering while he was assembling a classic and elegant timepiece. A multi-colored crown other than the usual one was affixed onto the timepiece.

It was a humorous twist intended to provoke laughter. The outcome, out of the ordinary, was magnificent.

At first glance, he looked at the appearance of his creation with mistrust, then with curiosity, and finally with surprise and admiration to its exceptional beauty. What a perfect match!


A colored crown for a classic watch of the 30’s is an innovative design for the century, a unique of its kind.

A timepiece with a rare combination of reason and coincidence, necessity and destiny, an integration of classic and modern tastes. easily recognizable with a strong personality and Italian design.

The story of this creation did not end at this point. Its rarity comes from the combination of the case and the dial - a classic from the 30's - and the spheres which are harmoniously combined with a colorful bright crown.

It is a product which is vintage but modern, classic but audacious, elegant and fashionable.

Enriched by the choice of a vintage full leather bracelet, entirely handmade in Italy with colored stitching in the classic modern style dictated by the timepiece. It is instantly recognizable.

The quality of the materials, the attention to detail and the craftsmanship make ATOM Milano a unique object with a strong and intriguing character 

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